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Thursday, 31 March 2011

Section E: Final Blog Post

Google ranking for key search terms relevant to our service:
"DMCM":  Not in top 100"Digital Marketing Communications Management": 28th
"spinningfields discount card": 5th
"spinningfields giraffe": 10th
"spinningfields review": 13th
"spinningfields yellow card": 18th
(Data Captured on the 30th March)
We have also tested a
wider range of terms , which were less successful due to fierce competition.

Google analytics is the most popular analytics tool however we have found this to be highly unreliable , as it stopped working on 11/03/2011.

22.54% of visitors view 2 pages and 20.23% view 3/4 pages. This along with the ‘time on site’ and ‘bounce rate’ indicate relevance and interest in blog content.

 46.82% of visitors are repeat users. 
Visit recency shows that 58.03% of repeat users return on the same day, indicating the blog is more relevant than other search results. 29.65% returned within 7 days suggesting further information search based on success of first visit

After the 11/03/2011 we have incomplete statistics for above metrics except 'Visits', 'Unique Visitors' and 'Page views'. The incomplete statistics are based on averages and so we estimate they will not have drastically changed. The below values are based on both Blogger's and Google’s statistics calculating more accurate and up-to-date statistics

Visits: 375
Unique visitors: 199
Pageviews: 1,162

The below charts represents traffic from sources:

 41.6% of traffic came via social media.  Only 13.9% of this came through twitter, indicating greater utilization would be beneficial.
Eii: Critique
We did:
“Blogger” Platform

         Created multiple pages
        Took some advantage of customization
       Efficiently edited posts.
        Multiple pages provide easier navigation of page specific content.
      Not enough use of customization        Posts needed to be more frequent 
       Frequent, relevant updates
      Direct links to other tools
      Twitter feed embedded in blog
       Traceable links to blog and other tools
    Frequent updates drove followers to blog
        Not enough effort was put into gaining new followers or building relationships with existing followers
      Visible links to blog
      Include visual assets
      “Like” button embedded on blog
         Broadcast blog updates
       Link to Twitter account
      Not enough unique content and updates
   Created event and put link onto blog
      Use twitter to promote the event.
    Encourage ‘sharing’ of event through Facebook and Twitter
      Not actioned soon enough and more events beneficial.
Affiliate Blogs
      Use well respected blogs such as “Delenio” to link to blog.
      Link to other student blogs who also market areas of Manchester.
     Links to affiliate blogs increased our ranking
    More affiliate link building to increase Google recognition, especially with blogs/sites of good reputation.

Eiii: Post-Campaign Reflection

What we would do differently

Research into how businesses use digital tools, gaining insight into better efficiency.
“Blogger” Platform
      Post more frequently
     Optimize copywriting for SEO
      Begin posting sooner
       Create relationships with new followers and engage more frequently with them actively seek new followers

   Unlike Facebook advertising, pages do not allow effective targeting. Therefore we would not use this tool
    Use this tool more frequently and link it to Twitter
      High competition to rank for key words means that additional support from PPC will increase ranking
Affiliate Blogs:
     Build relationships with other bloggers using social media tools
      More reciprocal linking­­­

David Lomax 07169048

Celina Klefas-Stennet 07000483
Michael Harris 07210596
Katie Shaw 06424922
Ben Magee 07184777
Jennie Keen 0724687

Spinningfields Visitor Diagram - Ben's workings

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

The final 100 yards...

Well, were nearly there! Here is the link to our latest DMCM submission, a digital marketing communications management poster strategy for Spinningfields!

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Mother’s Day is drawing near!!!

With Mother's Day nearly upon us, 'The Avenue' in Spinningfields is giving you the chance to win a designer gift for your MUm on Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd of April. All you do is visit and click on the Mother's Day Promotion to enter!
Tell them why your Mum is so special, and you could win her a Mulberry Bag or Pearl Necklace from L.K.Bennett!
Come on guys, show your Mum the love!

Friday, 18 March 2011

Spring is coming to Spinningfields !

A beautiful, sunny day in Spinningfields! Visit our photo album to enjoy our photostream featuring pics from the Spinningfields.

digital marketing communications management (dmcm) debrief session

Hi all,

On the 4th of April its our last hand in for #dmcm, therefore a night out is in order to celebrate the end of an era!!

We could start at Taurus as its round the corner from Uni...and see where the night takes us!! Lets put David's drinking skills to the test....and see if he really is a Groove Generator on the dance floor!!

dmcm message to sugarvine


We have come across your 2006 write-up of
Spinningfields , and would like to propose the following:

Digital Marketing Communications Management (DMCM) coursework

Digital marketing as a coursework (a draft of blog post for social magnet)

Digital marketing is a rapidly growing phenomenon, and there is a clear demand for graduates with these skills.
I was lucky enough to choose this subject as my final year elective. This decision has resulted in a rather challenging assignment about which I am going to talk in this blog post.

Monday, 14 March 2011

Digital Marketing Communications Management (DMCM) Assignment - Jennie's Version

Check out Jennie's DMCM assignment for analysing digital marketing communications opportunities within a digital marketplace.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

The Adventures of Afro Mike....Gotta love that cake!

Hey Spinningfields lovers. 

Face it will all have a sweet tooth and who cares it's lent. Perfect time to hear that 'Hey Little Cupcake' has now opened its new bakery in Spinningfields.

Breakfast club at Giraffe Spinningfields

I decided to pay Spinningfields a visit and treat myself to some food at Giraffe.
I have only been in this restaurant once before, and that was a couple of years ago in Kensington - London. I enjoyed my visit back then, so I was very excited to visit it again, particularly since this time it is closer to home in Manchester’s Spinningfields.

Digital Marketing Communications Management (DMCM) Assignment - Ben's Version

Cyberthread – Spinningfields

Product/ Service/ Offering

-       A blog that enables customers to review their favourite places in Spinningfields.  It provides valuable feedback to the complex and business’s within it to what is working well and what aspects of the Spinningfields experience could be improved.  - Spinningfield’s official website does not currently have this facility. 

-       The blog can be viewed at:

Friday, 25 February 2011

Wednesday is a new day for digital marketing communications management (dmcm)!

This is just a quick summary of most interesting points that emerged at this week’s search and social school. Known also as #saschool11

The speakers of the day included guests from Media Vest, Lakestar, theEword, I-COM and PushOn.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Digital Marketing and Communications Management (DMCM) assignment - Katie's version

Spinningfields is a “world-class commercial, civic, residential, hotel, leisure and retail space” open to the public in the heart of Manchester. Whilst Spinningfields is effectively digitally marketed as a brand, a consumer review platform ceased to exist. This new value is a tool for consumer interaction, helping promote the area and shape the brand.

DMCM digital marketing communication management assignment -Celina's version

This report was produced for the purpose of exploring the digital marketing  dmcm opportunities available to Spinningfields.  Due to the nature of the digital environment it was necessary to explore possible segmentation approaches, and then to focus on a specific audience. This was seen to be particularly important since we would like to make it a success in an interactive consumer to consumer platform.

Monday, 21 February 2011

Page Rank

Social Media Marketing

Let's get down to business!

The final deadlines are approaching and the competition is certainly hotting up. The 6 student CyberThread team are new to online marketing practice and there are some things we could have jumped onto sooner but despite this were pushing onwards and upwards to be the best!

So, we certainly have some work to do and some things that haven't been as successful as we'd hoped, but in the words of the SEO Rapper: "Let's see if we can fix that"

Don't forget to follow us on Twitter @CyberThreadMMU and for now we'll leave you with the SEO Rapper!

Enjoy! -Katie

Monday, 8 November 2010

Digital Marketing Communications Assignment 1


Spinningfields is designed to offer Manchester professionals a stylish, ‘world class’ socializing and working environment. It drives customers to the area through schemes and events such as the Yellow Discount Card and the winter ice skating rink to maximize revenue for local businesses